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(*This is a BETA product as of Feb 2012 and final software may differ on release.)

TouchEMR Suite Overview PDF

Introduction and Background

Touch Medical software products began in April 2010, just as the CCHIT governing body was poised to set standards for ‘Meaningful Use’ of electronic systems in medicine by ‘Eligible Providers’. In 2012 Touch Medical Solutions will offer a full-featured Practice Management Suite (PACS/RIS/EHR) that is completely configurable in size and cost for use by single practitioners, small clinics, and hospitals.

The Touch Medical Solutions Mission

Our mission at Touch Medical Solutions is to bring cutting edge Enterprise PACS/RIS/EHR technology traditionally only available to large practices and institutions to physicians and facilities of all sizes.

Practice Management - Select Patient View

Practice Management – Select Patient View

EMR, HIS, and Hl7 Interoperability

TouchEMR is intended to be a CCHIT Certified Ambulatory EHR product (expected May 2012) eligible for Stage I reimbursement under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2008.

SOAP Charting Beta - Expected April 2012

SOAP Charting Beta – Expected April 2012

Features of the Touch Medical Solutions TouchEMR Product

  • Electronic Prescription (E-Rx) partnership agreement.
  • Insurance Eligibility and Claims partnership agreement.
  • Desktop credit card integration partnership agreement.
  • Integrated barcoding of materials, such as hanging film and lab samples, for inclusion into an office workflow.
  • Full transcription support is included for clinics with those needs, and the system also includes integrated speech to text for smaller clinics or where physicians feel comfortable editing their own reports.

Practice Management - Patient Attachments

Practice Management – Patient Attachments
  • Template based document editing, allowing a practice manager to enforce uniform document standards throughout their organization.
  • Advanced patient and encounter editing and reporting, and has summary dashboard support for doctor notes and notifications.
  • Reporting and Triggers. While purchase and implementation of a certified EHR will enable you to begin receiving stimulus reimbursement and begin to make “Meaningful Use” of technology, it is the reporting and triggers inside of the TouchEMR product that will ensure that your practice remains compliant in all required reporting allowing you to keep your focus on your patients.
  • Easy updates to UMLS managed code sets and vocabulary data to meet currency requirements for CPT, SNOMED, LOINC, RXNORM, and ICD use as a required part of ‘meaningful use’.
  • Report auditing to the desktop, allowing for a seamless doctor signature process.
  • Choice of integrated appointment editor or customers can translate an external schedule via HL7 or DICOM to drive office workflow
  • Web portal partnership agreement.

Practice Management - Organizational Users and Security

Practice Management – Organizational Users and Security


The Touch Medical Practice Manager Login Screen

General System Features

  • Standards-Based Design
  • The system uses HL7 for document formatting, government reporting, and procedure interaction within the logic model.
  • Our PACS is based on DICOM v3 and includes SCU SCP, MWL, PPS, and QR.
  • Our EMR is based on HL7 v2.51 Messaging and will conform to Ambulatory CCHIT Certification Guidelines (2011/12).
  • Documents use the HL7-CDA model (v3) for construction and formatting and storage is in Adobe PDF format, making exports and translation uniform for system document interoperability.
  • Our product uses the National Library of Medicine (NLM) Meta-thesaurus vocabularies, allowing precise coding of Rx (RxNorm, UNII, National Drug File), Insurance (CPT-4, CPT-2010), diseases and problems (ICD-9, ICD-10, SNOMED, LOINC), and drug allergies (UNII, NDF).  Touch Medical is a registered Vendor with the NLM, and is licensed to resell all included vocabularies domestically (International licenses are available as well under a separate fee schedule).
  • Using Microsoft Products
  • All products were programmed in MS Visual Studio 2010 in C#/XAML, using the advanced WPF and Silverlight frameworks.
  • All products are natively available as 32 or 64-bit releases, and were developed in purely 64-bit environments.
  • All products are version controlled and managed via MS Team Server to assure product quality control.
  • The suite is centrally deployed on MS SQL Server 2008 via Windows Server, and the system was designed with advanced multi-site replication usage and large data storage scalability in mind.
  • Royalty Free
  • All components (excepting MS database and server licensing and clearinghouse services) are royalty free, and under no distribution restrictions.
  • Service-Based Returns
  • Systems are typically sold turn-keyed with all equipment, and will be supported by Touch Medical directly going forward so that we can provide a buffer between hardware vendors for non-technical clinics during the critical support time during product installation.
  • Security and Session Behavior
  • User sessions and software clients wrap HIPAA and IHE requirements natively, allowing for full software client distribution for performance (rather than using Citrix as a workaround, our software clients can deal with encrypting patient data on the fly).

Practice Management - Edit Patient

Practice Management – Edit Patient

Summary and Conclusion

The TouchEMR solution provides a cost effective, efficient platform for achieving CCHIT certification that is within the reach of smaller medical clinics and which will continue to grow to meet their needs.

Patient Management - Attach Scanned Document

Patient Management – Attach Scanned Document